Creator. Owned.

i’ve done a lot of work over my 36 years. most of it has been creator owned. i understand that’s a relatively recent phenomenon in media. it’s simply always been that way for me. i don’t take it for granted. i live in an exciting time. but i’ll tell you this: unless i’m working for hire, i ONLY create personally owned or co-owned projects. that’s the way it has always been. i hope that’s the way it always will be.

that’s why – on the even of stepping out to attend the New York Comic Con and the San Jose Film Fest – i decided to categorize the work i’m doing right the fuck now. and – even more exciting – the people i’m working with.

next week i will launch a new Kickstarter for a short, experimental doc i’m directing called COLUMBINE: LOOKING BACK, LOOKING BACK. this project reunites me with Tory, Jarrod, Geoff and Sara.

“In 2005, I began working with Sara on an independent study. She’d survived the 1999 Columbine shooting, and was profoundly impacted by the experience. She was also studying communications, and her experience AFTER the shooting was compelling to her as well. At the age of 15, supporting her friends, she’d appeared on a number of daytime television and news broadcasts. CNN. Montel. The Today Show. MSNBC. And many more. So she wanted to investigate that aspect of her life. After months of work, Sara finally found archived moments of her interviews and shows through outlets as diverse as universities and production companies. She wrote a personal report, approved our interview (which was amazing) and rocked her independent study. I was honored to have interviewed her. It was an inspiring, moving and incredible talk. Now, almost 15 years since Columbine, it’s time to finish what we started.”








i’m directing an indie feature that reunites the award-winning team from THE TITANIC OF SOUTHAMPTON, the doc i directed and edited that’s in three film fests this month alone. the new doc is still top-secret, but we’ve been filming it in LA for well over a year and it will be the best thing i’ve ever worked on. this is with Tory, Kim and Laura, amongst many others.

on the comic front, i’m working on a co-created project with Tadd, who i also work with on Storyboard projects for corporations. it’s a monster of a project, and we’ll be debuting tons of stuff leading up to Emerald City Comic Con next year.

another graphic novel project i’ve put a ton of time and effort into with the amazing Mike will be pitched around NYCC this year. it’s for kids, it’s full painted, i love it and someday i hope we can get it off the ground.

on the film front, i’ve written two short screenplays that live in the world of my indie comic series OTHER WORLDS. the first, SAFE, was written with my pal David and will be co-created from the ground up with Brandon. the second, ASTRONAUT, has a HUGE practical special effect that’s currently being developed by Tim and Russ.

speaking of comics, i’m continuing to work with Tyler on indie comic publishing through his outfit A WAVE BLUE WORLD, both OTHER WORLDS and THE KILLING JAR are on ComiXology.

none of this work is making me rich, successful or the envy of my corporate friends. but I’ll tell you this…it makes me so happy to be creating work simply because it feels right.

i’ll see you out there,